A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics About Violence For 8th Grade Students

Are you in a writing class in school and tasked with coming up with a violence related topic to write a research paper? Then today is your lucky day for stumbling across this valuable little piece of writing where we have compiled a list of interesting research paper topics about violence that would be ideal for 8th grade students to use for their assignments.

  1. Violence in movies – Everyone enjoys going to the movies but in order to gain viewers, movie producers are becoming increasingly violent in their productions. Research the trend of increasing violence in movies and whether it influences the behavior of people who watch these movies.
  2. Domestic violence – The cases of domestic violence seem to be on the rise but authorities cannot pin point a specific reason. Investigate different causes for domestic violence and ways that society can help to combat this rising problem.
  3. Gun violence – Gun violence worldwide is on the rise in both heavily restricted countries with tight gun control laws and those who are less restrictive. Investigate this trend and look at ways society can help to stop deaths or injuries due to gun related injuries.
  4. Hate crimes and violence – There is a trend worldwide of hate crimes and violence towards certain ethnic or sexual groups, investigate this trend and look at potential causes and solutions to help the world become more tolerant towards those who are different.
  5. Violence towards animals – Rescue organizations struggle worldwide trying to stop violence towards animals and help the animals recover in loving homes. It is also said that violence towards animals is a stepping stone to violence towards people, investigate and research this issue.
  6. Child abuse – Worldwide a trend is growing where children are being abused by parents, caregivers and family friends. Nowhere in the world is it entirely safe to be a child. Investigate this growing issue and look for potential solutions and recommendations.
  7. Violence towards women – Violence towards women is a worldwide problem as well. Investigate the various political, religious and societal beliefs regarding the standing and treatment of women worldwide.

Unfortunately, the world we live in is full of examples of violence. Consider these seven topics as a potential topic for a research paper on violence that would work well for an 8th grade student assignment.

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