10 Best Prompts For Writing A Research Paper On Smoking

Tobacco; it is the demon that just will not die. Despite all the bad publicity for years, cigarette smoking is still going as strong as it ever was. It is a strange one because even with all the knowledge sharing via the internet and other forms of media, which makes sure everyone knows that cigarette smoking causes cancer, people still do it, all day every day.

Doctors have been warning us of the dangers of smoking for decades. Governments have tried everything from introducing tougher legislation targeting smoking and cigarette manufacturing companies, banning commercials featuring smoking to putting pictures of rotting, cancerous organs on cigarette packets. It has had some effect but not much.

There is a huge body of research on smoking. There continues to be much research on smoking itself as a behavior and as a social phenomenon. Other related research areas in include research on tobacco and its ingredients, the chemical reactions of smoking, the after effects of smoking for smokers and third parties as well as the economics and financial realities of this industry.

If you are writing a research paper on smoking and need inspiration for topics, read on below to find some great prompts.

  1. Explore the behavioral aspects of smoking. How much of it is peer pressure?
  2. Are cigarettes that addictive by themselves? What role does the personality of the smoker have to play in being addicted? Does an addictive personality have no alternative but to get hooked?
  3. An exploration of the economic benefits of the tobacco industry. Do governments turn a blind eye to their practices because the industry generates significant economic activity?
  4. An exploration of the economic drawbacks of the tobacco industry.
  5. What are the healthcare related costs of smoking for a developed economy? What about developing countries?
  6. What effect would standardized, nameless, unidentifiable packaging for all cigarette brands have on sales and usage?
  7. A study of the usage of pictorial display of disease on cigarette packs. What effects have this policy had on sales of cigarettes?
  8. Electronic or e-cigarettes. A sign of the tobacco industry evolving or lax legislature?
  9. How can tougher taxation be used as a deterrent for the manufacture of cigarettes?
  10. How can taxation and the resultant higher pricing of cigarettes be used as a deterrent to purchase of cigarettes by smokers?

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