9 Arguable Topics For Creating A Successful Research Paper

Creating a successful research paper often comes down to choosing a great topic that captivates the reader in such a way that there interest compels them to read through to the end. There are a lot of elements that go into a great topic: it should be original, it should further the study of a discipline area, and it should be interesting to you personally. The reason this last point is so important is that your enthusiasm is likely to not only carry you through the entire process of researching and writing your essay but also come through in your writing. Here are nine topics you should consider or draw from for inspiration in developing your own:

  1. The effects that a rehabilitation center has on elderly patients. Do rehab centers do more harm than good for elderly patients and what alternatives are there?
  2. The environmental damage done in sending electronic waste to foreign countries. Is it ethical to send these kinds of products to underdeveloped countries that already struggle with pollution?
  3. The ways in which governments should encourage more males into nursing industry. Is there a need for more male nurses? Or would the practice be a kind of reverse discrimination?
  4. Discuss the ways in which the use of atomic bombs are or aren’t justified. To date, only the U.S. has used atomic weapons but it has continued to develop the technology as a way to deter other nations from using these weapons.
  5. Reasons for why children should have an obligation to care for their parents after the age of 21. Would this practice be fair and how can one make the argument that this is necessary?
  6. How grades aren’t a good measure of a student’s intelligence. Many progressive schools are doing away with grades entirely and opting for personalized evaluations for each student.
  7. The hidden dangers of Google glasses and similar technologies. Will accidents, on the road for instance, increase because of irresponsible use of the technology?
  8. An analysis of how placebos are effective treatments in initial stages of various diseases. If there is overwhelming evidence of this then why haven’t more health providers adopted this practice?
  9. Marriage traditions in various culture and reasons why arranged marriages are more successful. Should arranged marriages be banned or is it not the responsibility of anybody except for those that continue the practice?

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