An Overview Of Essential Parts Of Research Paper Example

This is a small handout which will reveal detailed information of the research paper in form of topics, genre and sources.

If you are looking for an overview, look at the following aspects-

  • Genre: You should differentiate between analytical and argumentative thesis paper here.

  • Topic Selection: It can be topic of your own choice or the one provided to you.

  • Find out your audience: Based on the type of audience, you can decide a better language

  • Beginning: Provide an overview of the topic here.

Before you begin writing, think on the topic critically, evaluate the resources, think for the organization and then write its composition.

Following should be the elements of your example-

Title: Keep it simple and informative. It should explain the domain and the methodology used while attacking the research question.

Abstract: This is the short summary between 150-350 words. It should meet the objectives of the proposal highlighting end results. I should be always written at the end.

Introduction: It should offer background information motivating the audience to go through your thesis. It should also highlight the focus, overview, statement of the problem etc.

Literature review: This is the theoretical framework which reveals current reviews of the literature. You can include samples here.

Methods or Procedure: It states your efforts as in what you have done in the process. You need to state the strategies employed to achieve the goal. State how data has been collected, how you met your objectives, discuss calculations performed.

Results: This is the section where you will prove everything via data. Show graphs, charts and tables. Write a brief description as in what you have gained and how you achieved the result. It will assist the reader to understand the chief points via conducted research.

Conclusion: State what you learnt as a part of this investigation. Introduce your accomplishments that you have achieved as an outcome. Describe all the interesting observations, new questions raised and your future plans. Remember, this is the gist of the entire thesis which should be written with immaculate care. Its length should be in between 150-350 words. In other cases, it can be based on the length of the paper. This section should be written at the end.

Bibliography or references: This enlists all the references. It should be chronologically arranged. In case you are picking the references from the web, provide the web link with the title of the topic.

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