The Most Important Things To Write In A Research Paper On Bullying

There is no doubt that today bullying is a much discussed topic. The way in which people are able to bully others has expanded greatly. Where once bullying was almost always face-to-face, it is now possible to be cruel and unkind in so many different ways while using so many different platforms. It's possible to be a bully without being anywhere near the victim. Posting something on social media such as Facebook and Twitter is, sadly, a common way in which bullying occurs today.

The choice of topic of your research paper is obviously important but no matter which aspect of bullying you tackle there are three important things you must list. And not only must you list these points, you must make it abundantly clear that there is no debate on the relevance and important of these three things. Here they are.

  • Bullying in any form is never acceptable
  • How should a victim react when they encounter a bullying?
  • Society must remain vigilant in its opposition to bullying

Just because bullying has found new ways to inflict pain and suffering upon people, that doesn't change the fact that it is still bullying. Electronic, snail mail or face-to-face makes no difference to the fact that bullying in any form is never acceptable. The point, no matter what topic you write about, needs to be clearly enunciated in your research paper.

It's also important that you provide clear information which will be helpful to any victim or potential victim of bullying. Describing the problem and listing measures which have been taken to try and reduce bullying are important and relevant facts. But the reader needs to aquire information which will give them confidence to know what to do if and when they are bullied.

It doesn't matter if society changes, if our means of communication change or if there are new and varied ways in which to carry out bullying, society must always maintain its anti-bullying stance. It is never acceptable under any circumstances.

Each of the above three points need to be stated directly and indirectly in writing a research paper.

When you are set a research paper on an issue which can have serious even fatal consequences, it is important that you show due deference to your readers. Make your points clearly but do so with respect.

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