Tips For Writing A Conclusion For A Research Paper About Water Pollution

The conclusion comes at the tail-end of your research paper. It plays a crucial part in shaping the opinion of the reader. It is meant to wrap up all the ideas discussed in the body and make a statement on your position on the subject under discussion. A resounding conclusion will add great value to your paper. How do you write the best conclusion for a paper on water pollution?

  • No New Information
  • The conclusion should capture what has been discussed in the body paragraphs. This means that no new information should be included. There is no room to introduce new facts since they will need to be supported for them to be valid. The conclusion thus becomes a summary of the main ideas discussed in the body paragraphs.

  • Make it Short
  • Since the conclusion is a summary of ideas, it should be short and precise. The points should be restated in the least number of words possible. This enables the reader to recall the discussion. Do not repeat what has been said in the body or during discussion word for word. A single sentence should be used to summarize each point. It should contain inferences and recommendations from discussions made in the body.

  • Restate Your Thesis Statement
  • Extensive discussions in the body are likely to cause the reader to forget the main point in your research paper. This makes it necessary to restate the thesis statement. It helps in recalling the anchoring point of the paper and at the same time makes it easier to justify the position taken in the thesis statement. This can be accomplished in a single paragraph.

  • Summarize Your Main Points
  • The conclusion brings your arguments to an end. As such, you are required to summarize your main points. It is during the summary that you create a connection between the questions you have been probing and the inferences made in the literature review and discussion of findings. The conclusion brings all points being discussed to a close.

  • Give Your Stand
  • Based on the points you have given in the discussion and summary, it is time to state your position. This should be done firmly since you have made your case during the discussion and literature review. The stand must be aligned to the facts revealed in the literature review and discussion.

The conclusion to your research paper should be short and precise. It must capture all the main points discussed in the body. It is the last thing to write in your paper.

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