Free Tutorial On Writing A Civil Engineering Research Paper In The MLA Style

MLA stands for Modern Language Association. In order to write a civil engineering research paper in the MLA style, you need to follow the standardized format widely known as MLA and followed by major colleges and universities. Here’s how to write a thesis perfectly in MLA format.

  • How to format the document
  • You may not need to change the default settings of your word processor too much because the MLA format document settings are much similar to that of the MLA format. However, if you are interested to know how to adjust the settings, here you go. You need to give a 1 inch margin on each of the four sides of the document. Maintain a 2.0 double spaced line height throughout. Do not give additional spacing at the end of each paragraph. Use the 12 point Times New Roman typeface. You can find detailed instructions on how to adjust the default settings in the Help section of your word processor.

  • Creating the title section
  • The title section of your thesis in MLA format needs special attention. Instead of placing the particulars in the middle, you should type your name, name of the instructor, name of course and section and date of writing in the upper left corner. Change the alignment to ‘centre’ on the ensuing line and write your thesis title with maintaining this alignment. Title section should also be double-spaced and the other rules (as stated above) also apply. Do not embolden or enlarge your title. There is no need to leave extra space above or below the title.

  • MLA style citations
  • You need to cite your sources in two places. You need to use in-text citations and cite sources at the end as well. If you are about to use a long quote, you need to use parenthetical citation. You don’t need to insert a comma in between the page number and the author’s name. For citing an inline quotation, use parenthetical citation as well. You should write the bibliographic list on a new page. You need to sort out the entries based on author’s name arranged in an alphabetical order.

  • Take expert help if required
  • If you have already written your research paper in civil engineering but you are not sure how to format the document correctly, you can take expert help by going online. You can either use a software-based citation generator or you can ask for professional help.

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