How To Write A Research Paper Reference Page In APA Style

When you are writing a paper in any of the Math or Social Science classes, you will be using the APA style. The APA or American Psychological Association format is in its 6th edition of printing. The reference page for this style is different than the MLA one. Use this guide as you work on this part of your paper.

The Details

  • Your font should be size 12
  • The font should be a clear and easy to read font such as Arial or Times New Roman
  • Double-space the typed piece
  • Use formal tone and correct formal writing rules
  • Have a one inch margin on the top, side, and bottom

The Header

  • You do not use a title on each page, but instead use a header
  • The header can also be called the running header or the running head
  • It goes on the top of each page of the reference page (and all pages)
  • It is a shortened title (less than 50 characters) and a flush right page number

The Sources

  • Alphabetize the sources
  • Find out if the teacher wants it annotated
  • Each type of reference is formatted just a bit differently, so bookmark a good guide to use
  • An example of a source (a book):
  • Krauss, C., Parris, K., & Jenkins, A. (June 10). The Best of the Dress. New York, New York: American unit of Design.

    Authors. (Year of Publication). Book Title. Location: Publisher.

  • All lines after the first entry line are reverse indentation. The space should be a half-inch.
  • Alphabetize the list by the last name of the authors
  • The author names are last name and then first name or initial.
  • If there is more than one author, then use the last name of the first author as your guide for alphabetizing
  • For journals and books use italics.
  • For shorter works do not use quotation marks or use italics
  • As always, make sure to use capital letters for the first letter of all main words within a title

These are not all the rules for the APA by any means. There have been books on all that the style entails. Use this guide, and then either purchase a guide or bookmark a good guide page for reference. When you use a guide, make sure to get the latest edition. The most current edition is the Sixth Edition.

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