Writing Tips: A Research Paper Bibliography On International Law

Research is a part of just about every educational field of study, it is, in fact, how these various fields of study have been developed and continue to be developed for future generations. Here are some tips for writing a research paper bibliography on international law:

  1. Be extensive when gathering data
  2. There are volumes and volumes of legal documents and texts. Most are repetitive and many contain slight variances that may seem irrelevant but when explored in a court of law, the differences can have dramatic consequences. Attempt to isolate and review such laws and discuss their effects on the practices and protocols present in the world.

  3. Separate the relevant and related topics into groups
  4. Legal concepts tend to support each other, or to extend from other similar ones. It is useful when documenting one particular law to list the various related laws to show how they were derived and how they affect each other in practice. This may create a complex and tangled web, but it is the nature of this field of study.

  5. Discuss the sociological sides as well as the economical sides
  6. The world can often be thought of as made up of two aspects of everyday life, the human part and the economic part. Lawmakers are often hard pressed to find a balance between these two and it is often impossible to avoid short handing one of these parties.

  7. Use proper citations and referencing
  8. It is usually quite impossible to avoid referencing the paper of a past researcher or quoting a piece from their works. When doing this it is of most importance to quote them accurately and to include a properly detailed reference section in your paper.

  9. Compare different related laws
  10. Pieces of legislature can be similar yet vastly different, for example substance abuse laws for alcohol, marijuana, heroin and cocaine. Explore the various methods used to distinguish which substance is to be considered illegal and under what circumstances their use is legal. How are these laws executed in society and who generally tends to benefit from them?

  11. Explore the creation of new international legislature
  12. Legal precedents are often created because a situation arises that requires a resolution between two or more parties. Discuss the processes that dictate the formation of a new bill and the conditions that are necessary for new international laws to be accepted and implemented world wide.

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