Writing A Term Paper About Human Behavior: Great Suggestions

A term paper on human behavior can explore various aspects of human development. There are all sorts of ideas and topics to consider that often leave students overwhelmed. Human behavior is associated with actions, thoughts and perceptions related to daily living. They can include common or unknown subject matters that affect how people live in the present and future. Here are some tips to help you develop your term paper topic.

What Interests Do You Have in Human Behavior?

Your term paper topic will likely discuss interests you have in human behavior. At this point you are detailing what you have learned in your studies. Your interests can have a great effect on what aspect you choose to write about. This is a great time to select something you want to learn more about or something you want to contribute based on knowledge recently obtained. Be cautious on selecting term paper topics with complex details making it more time consuming to finish the project.

What Are Things Others Should Know about the Subject Matter?

Human behavior has a number of interesting elements people may not know about. If you were to present something of interest to someone who knows little on this subject matter, what would it be? You have a unique option to choose something that can help others understand their behavior and how they react in certain situations. You may have personal questions about human behavior you want answered.

10 Suggestions for Human Behavior Term Paper Topics

Need help developing potential term paper topics? Here are 10 ideas to consider that may help you develop a good term paper.

  1. How does a person develop motivation?
  2. What are differences and similarities in passive and aggressive behavior patterns?
  3. Why is breastfeeding so helpful to women and their babies?
  4. What makes a person cheat on someone or commit adultery?
  5. What behavior patterns are considered expected forms of human nature?
  6. What has contributed to the establishment of gender roles (such as which sex is supposed to do what)?
  7. Why do pet peeves (forms of annoying behaviors or actions) get on people’s nerves?
  8. What makes a person be kind or what is defined as kindness?
  9. What is common characteristics people value in one another?
  10. Why do some people like to be the center of attention?

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