What To Know If I Want To Write My Research Paper In Two Hours?

You’ve waited long to get your research paper started and now it’s due in a few hours. You have two choices: 1) You quit and accept a failing grade on the assignment and possibly in the course; or 2) You follow the detailed steps we’ve listed below and put in a concentrated two-hour effort to accomplish what seemed impossible just moments ago. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Map Out Your Schedule
  • With little time left you’re going to feel a strong pull to just dive right into the writing process. Don’t. It’s more important to get a simple plan to keep you moving forward through the tasks in regular intervals. Set a time for each stage of the process – from research to drafting to editing and proofreading.

  • Write Your Thesis and Intro
  • Writing a good thesis is essential to every good research paper. Make sure it clearly states your point of view on an arguable topic. Next, write a basic introduction providing background and reasons why your research topic is important in greater context. Don’t worry if you get stuck. It’s better to keep moving forward.

  • Research Your Content
  • This is where your research paper will either succeed or fail. Your research needs to be efficient. This means you can’t provide useless content which will be seen as clear indicators that you spent just a few hours working on this project. Stick with relevant information and use academic sources to give your work credibility.

  • Write Your Body Paragraphs
  • As soon as you’ve written your thesis and intro paragraph you’re able to start with your body paragraphs. This makes up the bulk of your paper and should use up all of your attention. Start with a simple a clear topic sentence in paragraph, followed by strong pieces of supporting evidence. Consider quotes, stats or whatever other pieces you’ve gathered in your research.

  • Write Your Conclusion
  • Your final paragraph should summarize all of your main topic points. Don’t simply repeat phrases or facts you have mentioned, but rather rephrase them and synthesize the content so that your reader understands how it all works together to prove your thesis statement.

  • Cleaning Up Your Work
  • The last stage in writing a good research paper is going through your entire work and editing for sentence structure and word choice, then proofreading for mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You may want to go over this stage a few times, since rushing can make you miss smaller mistakes.

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