Interesting Ideas You Can Use In Your Research Paper About PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a medical condition that arises from a severe shocking incident, an accident, a loss of a family member or a loved one or inability to cope up with certain sudden changes in the environment around you. The issue is associated with mental wellness and the mind stops to react to very normal stimuli or cannot accept a certain event that occurred in one’s life. In the United States, the first symptoms of PTSD were identified in the veteran military troops who had an irreversible impact of the war and killings on their mental health and many committed suicides. The only popular or suggested treatment is anti-depressants or tranquilizers, which can help, soothe the hormones in the body for a certain period. Scientists and medical experts try to treat the condition but lay most emphasis on reducing the factors that cause it in the first place

If you are to write a research paper on the PTSD then you should first break down your subject and identify the area you want to talk about. You can do this making a flow chart diagram and drawing a map for the possible breakup of the subject. This may include the causes of PTSD, the consequences of PTSD, and the control of the illness, the solution, and the past research on how to overcome it, the rare cases of survivors who fought the illness or the steps government should take in improving the situation. The topic or subject area will vary with your subject that you want to submit the research paper under. If you are a psychology student then you will have different topics to explore as compared to a biological one

Once you choose the area of your interest, you can go ahead to make a list of possible topics after searching various sources, collecting primary and secondary data and performing the brainstorming process to generate fresh ideas. Below are some topics you can consider while choosing your title for a PTSD paper

Topic suggestions for a research paper on PTSD

  1. Most women cases of PTSD arise out of physical assault and rape in the US
  2. Is there a link between financial crisis and PTSD
  3. Most men cases of PTSD rise out of military combat and war
  4. Is it legal to have an assisted suicide for a patient of PTSD
  5. The impact of natural disasters on PTSD patients

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