A List Of Great Term Paper Ideas That Will Impress Your Professor

Your term paper is one of the most important assignments you will write for any of your subjects. It holds a major percentage of your grade and fate. For this reason, impressing your professor is not only a good, teacher’s pet idea. This makes it a must. You must impress your professor and convince them that you paid attention during their droning on in class.

You need to consider flashy topics that will create a good impression but will still be easy for you to do research on. In other words, you need to be able to find other people’s findings and use them to construct and support your hypothesis. So, by major (or subject) area, you will find a few topics that might impress your professor and guarantee you that spot in next semester’s classes.


  1. Physics
    • The Impact Sir Newton Has Had In Modern Day Life
    • Dark Matter, What Is It Really All About?
  2. Biology
    • Cloning and Its Repercussions
    • Man-Made: A Chronicle on Building the First Living Plants In Labs
  3. Chemistry
    • Nuclear Power, Is It Really That Convenient? What Are Its Downsides?
    • Is The Periodic Table Really An Effective Way Of Organizing The Elements?
  4. Math
    • Day To Day Use Of Math: Where And What You Actually Use.
    • Math To Discover: Is There Anything Left?


  1. Programming
    • Is There Anything Left To Develop Or Have All Good Ideas Been Used?
  2. Data Analysis
    • Effective Algorithms and How to Build Them
    • Which Is The Best And Fastest Way To Vet Data And Find What You’re Looking For?


  1. History
    • Misinterpretations throughout History When, Where and Why.
    • Obscure History Characters: Why Are They Really Obscure?
  2. Teaching
    • Effective Second Language Teaching For All Ages: The How’s And Whys.
    • Student Learning Challenges: Different Styles, Different Tactics
    • Learning Disabilities: How to Get Around Them
  3. Law
    • Is Our Legal System All That Reliable Really? A Path to Change
    • Why Lawyers Have Such A Bad Reputation
  4. Political Science
    • How Can Politics Change The World?
    • World Crisis: How Can It End?
  5. International Relations:
    • What Is Needed To Improve Relations Between Unfriendly Countries?
    • Is It Possible For Middle Eastern Conflicts To End?


  1. Design
    • Visual Impact Vs. Functionality: Can They Go Hand In Hand?
    • New Techniques: Incorporating Them into Old-Building Remodeling
  2. Building
    • Taking Designs and Making Them Real: The Challenges
    • How To Cut Costs Without Cutting Corners Nor Endangering Future Building Users


  • Robotics in Medicine: The Advantages and Dangers of It
  • Bedside Manner: Why It’s Important

Use these suggestions, adapt them to your needs and may they be a stepping stone to your future success.

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