Detailed Guide For Creating A Bibliography For A Research Paper

A research paper is not usually complete without a bibliography section. Basically, this is simply a list of reference materials from which you got your information. Therefore, everyone should learn and be well versed on how to compose this so that quality is not compromised. This can be composed in any of the writing styles given such as APA, MLA and the Harvard style. Therefore, irrespective of the style, you should be able to effectively compose this section. Below is a guide on how you need to do this.

  • Compose it on the last page
  • There are various materials you used to get your information for supporting your points. First, you have to ensure that you keep a record of all these sources so that when you embark on writing, you have the right information to put down. What is most important here is that, you have to list all these sources at the end of your paper, preferably on the last page. You have to number them, but this depends on your style of writing.

  • Compose full title of each source
  • As you list all the sources you employed in your writing, you have to write the full title of each source you used. This makes it quite clear such that if anyone wants to carry out more research, he or she can simply consider the given titles and search them. Do not list a title for a book or site you did not use because this will mislead your readers. Make sure you adhere to the correct thing. If you are uncertain about a given title, you should simply leave it out or seek to know it from those who are aware.

  • The name of the author
  • Some books have similar titles. Therefore, in order to be sure of which one you are dealing with, there is need to write the name of the author. At times, the author might have written more than one book. If the author is more than one for instance, you can either write the names of each or simply start by writing the name of the first one bur for the rest, simply use the phrase, “Et al.”

  • The place and the year of publication
  • These two should be well-written when you are listing the various materials you have used to get information. You should clear state the year because various publications of the similar book might be available. This makes it easier for those who want to search for these materials to get them with ease.

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