Quick Tips To Help You With A Research Paper On Computer Addiction

The computer addiction is a widespread problem that needs solving. For this reason, it can become a good topic for a research paper. However, a good topic isn’t enough to create a paper that will earn an excellent grade. In order not to take wrong steps during your work, you should memorize several quick but important tips.

Tips for Writing Your Computer Addiction Research Paper

  1. Choose a narrow topic.
  2. Don’t try to discuss the computer addiction in general but concentrate on its single aspect. For example, investigate what causes the computer addiction.

  3. Carry out a thorough study.
  4. Find as many sources related to your topic as you can. You may even interview people who have suffered from the computer addiction to receive unique data.

  5. Outline your paper.
  6. You shouldn’t begin writing without having a plan. Outlining will help you come up with a strong and logical structure of your text.

  7. Write your paper.
  8. You aren’t obligated to start composing your paper from the first chapter. Begin with reviewing your literature or describing your methodology, for instance.

  9. Proofread your paper.
  10. Look through your text and eliminate obvious mistakes. You should also rewrite paragraphs that don’t sound strong and relevant.

  11. Get feedback.
  12. Ask a third party to read your paper. If they spot some inconsistencies that you’ve missed, you’ll have a chance to make some final changes before the submission.

  13. Format your paper.
  14. The last thing to do is to apply the requirements of the needed formatting style to your document. Make sure to strictly follow your assignment guidelines.

Tips for Improving Your Research Paper Writing

Even if you’ve picked an interesting topic and conducted a good study, your paper might earn a low score. Usually, this happens because of the author’s poor writing skills. It’s difficult for some students to express their thoughts on paper.

If you aren’t a great writer, compose your paper using simple language. This will make it easier both for you to write and for your reader to understand your paper. Don’t use too many little-known terms and abbreviations in your text. If you have to mention them, list and interpret them at the end of your opening chapter.

In order to enrich your vocabulary and make it easier for you to compose large texts, you should read a lot. Read books, articles, and other research papers. Analyze them to understand how their authors draw the reader’s attention. Use the same techniques in your texts to make them flow more smoothly.

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