A Complete Guide On How To Write A Research Paper On Homelessness

It’s hard to choose a more topical issue of research as homelessness is one of the acutest and most painful problems of today’s society. Generally, performing a survey on it will follow the same main rules and steps as for other academic papers, but there are some additional peculiarities you should keep in mind in order to succeed.

A 7-Step Manual on Creating Your Research Paper

  1. Choose your perspective.
  2. The problem of homelessness can be viewed from different angles – social, economic, political, psychological, cultural etc. You can study ethnic and gender groups, describe criminal threats and much more. Employ your personal academic interests to choose which approach will work the best for you.

  3. Select the paper topic.
  4. Pick a topic specific enough to be covered in your paper and express it a concise, eye-catching manner.

  5. Collect enough data.
  6. Make sure to include the latest statistical information, the experts’ opinions and, perhaps, the perspective of the common citizens if appropriate.

  7. Formulate your thesis.
  8. A thesis presents the main idea of your work and states the main problem or arguable issue that will be studied. It should be formulated as accurately as possible.

  9. Make an outline.
  10. An outline will save you effort during the writing process by organizing your thoughts and ideas in advance. Preparing a draft in the form of a mind map will help you build logical connections among the parts of the text.

  11. Leave enough time for writing and editing.
  12. Learn the main requirements regarding the structure of the paper and the writing style from your professor and follow them strictly. Always make sure that you have enough time to change, add, remove or rephrase something until it’s perfect. Writing in a hurry weakens the quality of your work significantly.

  13. Proofread the entire paper.
  14. Check your grammar, punctuation and other small, but important points. No matter how deeply you’ve performed your research and how valuable your ideas and conclusions are – poor grammar always leaves the impression of a messy work.

Ways of Making Your Paper on Homelessness Outstanding

  • Employ interviewing.
  • Talking to people who are experienceing or have experienced homelessness themselves will add extremely valuable material to your survey.

  • Collaborate with community workers.
  • If it’s possible to get involved in some volunteering activities as a social worker, it may become a rich source of data as well.

  • Present your data visually.
  • Adding tables, charts, diagrams and other visual tools usually make it easier to transfer your point to the readers and make your conclusions obvious.

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