How To Create A Strong Research Paper About Universe

It can be quite exciting when you find out you’re free to choose your own topic for your essay or paper. Under the main topic of the Universe, there are quite a few options you can take. For example, here are some general ideas:

  1. Discuss the origin of life on earth
  2. Is there a definite direction to evolution?
  3. Does evolution lead towards intelligence?
  4. How has earth’s atmosphere evolved?
  5. What are the various definitions of life in acceptance today?
  6. Is the universe evolving? Is there any credence to this hypothesis?
  7. Do humanoids exist elsewhere in the universe?
  8. Discuss the main space missions that have explored our solar system

Once you have done some brainstorming to choose the perfect topic for your paper, and narrowed it down sufficiently so you can cover it effectively, the next step is to start putting together your research paper. To produce a strong paper, you must follow some guidelines such as those provided below:

  • Begin your research
  • With a narrow topic already selected, the next step is to find journal articles, web pages, books, blog posts, interviews and other sources of information and data related to your topic. Take time to validate each source before you decide to include it. It’s recommended to use a minimum of five verified sources. Never rely on only 1 or 2 as this doesn’t give enough variety in the findings and won’t lend credibility to your paper.

    Search the library as well as looking at online sources. Make use of available academic databases. Peer-reviewed journal articles, books and magazines are all good sources.

  • Make an outline
  • This step is sometimes overlooked as the busy student thinks that it takes too much time. In reality, it can be done fairly quickly and saves you much more time later. It also helps with the writing stage because it keeps you on track and helps you retain laser focus. To make your outline simply organize your main headings and subheadings into a logical order, with each main heading being one paragraph of the body of your paper.

  • Organize your notes
  • Organizing and annotating your notes will help you see what information you’ve gathered and how you’re going to fit it into your outline and ultimately into your paper.

  • Construct a bibliography or reference page
  • This is essential. Citing everything properly within the body of your paper and then supplying the proper references at the end is the best way to make sure you are avoiding plagiarizing anyone’s work.

  • Write the paper
  • Following the outline you have constructed, write the paper. Check carefully with a good proofreading and you should be able to produce a very good research paper.

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