How To Compose A Strong Conclusion For A Research Paper On Abortion

Research papers are very common, especially in high school and college. You will be required to create one almost every week, as a way to improve your knowledge and imagination. The good news is that it is one of the simplest types of papers, so you will not have to make too much effort. As long as you pay attention to every part of the composition, you will have an awesome result. The conclusion can really make a difference, especially when you approach a sensitive subject. Abortion is a controversial matter and most of your classmates have very strong opinions. Here is how to make sure that you compose a good conclusion on this topic:

  • Write your personal opinion at the end, but don’t make it the conclusion itself. To make a statement you need to bring arguments, facts, evidence, not only your personal preferences. Also, make sure that you leave your emotions aside when you write your opinion. No one wants to argue with you and your dramatic beliefs, and there is a great chance that someone in your class has different principles. Say what you think but do it in a cold, rational way.

  • Don’t bring new facts at the end of the research paper. Let’s say that until now, you discussed about some clear facts regarding abortion and psychological trauma. Well, you can’t bring new ideas at the end of your composition. You will not have enough time to explore them and it will leave anyone confused and frustrated. Besides, you can’t support your conclusion on something that you did not analyze. Try to discuss only about well-known facts, and if you want to explore new facts do it in another paper.

  • Don’t write too much. If the subject is controversial, you are tempted to write more than you should. Abortion is, indeed, a subject that can be analyzed in hundreds of pages not only in a few lines. This is why it can be difficult to limit yourself to a few lines when you write the conclusion. It is unpleasant but if you don’t do it, your professor will not be satisfied with your work. It will not be clear where the body of the composition ends, and where the conclusion begins. It’s ok to write two paragraphs, but never more than this.

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